Dr. Betsy Kruger

Learn how to succeed in your business

Kruger, Betsy (2015), Aesop's Keys to Profitable Marketing, Avon, CT: Publishing Directions.

Testimonies about this book

Want to generate more profits? Dr. Kruger lays out easy-to-follow ways to increase your profits. 
Ken Bernhardt, Taylor E. Little Regents Professor of Marketing Emeritus, Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Kruger has laid out an easy-to-use process for growing top customers in any business. 
Robert Iocco: CPA, CIC, CEO, Trustpoint Insurance, Bristol, VA.

“Aesop's Keys to Profitable Marketing" is an intriguing fusion of Aesop's insight and Pareto's realism that can truly benefit today's business leaders. 
Richard Koch, Author of the million-copy best seller, The 80/20 Principle: The Secret of Achieving More with Less, Gibraltar.

One way to spark your profits is by targeting the top 20% of your customers. The 80/20 Rule predicts these customers will produce 80% of your profits.


12 Tips to Spark Your Profits
Aesop's Fables show us how to profit from the 80/20 rule. You can apply his tips to the twelve basic decisions in your marketing plan.

  • Focus on quality.
    Aesop says to the lioness, “Quality not quantity counts.” Commit to offering high quality products and services since quality rules the marketplace.
  • Compete on strength.
    The ancient Greek coaches the peacock, “You go further by using your own gift.” Specialize in your special gift and your business will spark its profits.
  • Delegate weaknesses.
    The storyteller implies, "A mouse can save a lion." Delegate your weaknesses to suppliers so you can specialize in your strengths.
  • Describe key customers.
    He warns in another fable, "Do not kill the goose that lays golden eggs." Neglecting your top customers will cut your profits.
  • Offer treasures.
    Aesop advises, "Offer different strokes to different folks." Offer only one product or service if your top customers treasure it.
  • Price as valued.
    He concludes, "One person’s junk is another person’s treasure." Maximize your profit by charging what your top customers will pay.
  • Deliver delight.
    A fable implies, "The plodding tortoise beats the erratic hare." Consistently delight your top customers so they will remain loyal.
  • Trumpet empathy.
    Aesop notices that a businessman was “his own trumpeter.” Avoid conceit since empathetic promotions are more effective.
  • Target key prospects.
    He says, “Example is better than precept.” Promote to prospects who are similar to your top customers.
  • Reward the best.
    A fable advises, "The best will save us in a time of trouble.” Reward your top customers so they will remain loyal during tough times.
  • Concentrate resources.
    The author chides, “Unused possessions create no good.” Spark your profits by allocating your resources to your top customers.
  • Jump into action.
    Aesop concludes, “Deeds, not words." Put these decisions into action so you will spark your profits"