Cyclopital3D Stereo Base Extender for Fuji 3D W3 Adapter FJW3SBE/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー C3DFJW3SBE:Mars shop - 79e38

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Cyclopital3D Stereo Base Extender for Fuji 3D W3 Adapter FJW3SBE/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリー C3DFJW3SBECompatibility:Fuji 3D W3 Adapter
Dimensions (WxHxD):344x132x107mm / 13.54x5.19x4.21''
Weight:1.03kg / 2.27lbs

・Increases stereo base to 225mm
・Hot shoe mount PC port & trigger for external flash
・Tripod mount and Secondary Handle mount
・Neck-strap anchors fit 3/8'' or 10mm strap width
・Built in spirit level
・Convenient hand grip is easy to hold
・Anti-reflection front window glass
・Sealed mirror chamber protects against dust and fingers
・Precision laser alignment

The Cyclopital3D Stereo Base Extender significantly improves the depth captured in 3D distance shots. When shooting 3D photos the depth effect you see in the resulting images depends on the amount of parallax seen by the camera lenses. The 3D effect is demised if the subject is too far away from the camera but this Stereo Base Extender allows you to accurately capture the depth in your distance shots.

The 75mm fixed lens spacing of Fuji W3 limits how far way you can be from your subject and still achieve a high quality 3D photo. As you get closer or farther away from your subject parallax will increase or decrease accordingly. Too much parallax makes 3D images uncomfortable or difficult to view too little parallax reduces the amount of depth you see in the image.

The Cyclopital3D Stereo Base Extender uses perfectly aligned high quality front surface mirrors to effectively increase the stereo base of your Fuji W3 to 225mm. This lengthening of the stereo base allows you to get 3X further away from your subject while still maintaining an acceptable level of parallax. The results are amazing 3D photos of far away subjects showing depth not possible without the adapter. The Stereo Base Extender is perfect for wildlife subjects weddings sporting events distant portraits and band performances.

富士/Cyclopital3D Stereo Base Extender for Fuji 3D W3 Adapter FJW3SBE

99,815円 (税込 107,800 円)
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